Toho International Patent&Law Office 桐朋国際特許法律事務所

About Us

While the central focus of our firm is the filing and prosecution of patent applications both within Japan and abroad, we have the prestige of winning a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which remains one of the historically significant and frequently cited decisions in United States intellectual property law.

For many years as well, we have applied our efforts to intellectual property litigations in European countries and in China.

As well as contributing to the establishment and protection of corporate global intellectual property rights, we devote even greater force to exploiting and realizing the full advantage of our clients' intellectual property.

While always keeping in close communication with our clients, we offer filing and prosecution services for applications as well as legal services of superior quality.


Yoshihiro CHIBA(Patent Attorney)
Toshiyuki MIYADERA(Attorney at Law)
Takayuki SENBA(Patent Attorney)
Shiro SAKAI(Patent Attorney)
Yasuharu NAKASONE(Patent Attorney)
Kosuke SEKIGUCHI(Patent Attorney)